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2007 ODYSSEY Fuel System


The 2007 Honda Odyssey is part of the year 2005-2010 model range.

NHTSA recalls related to “Fuel System”

Recall 14E049 filed July 28, 2014 Delphi Automotive Systems, LLC (Delphi) is recalling certain replacement fuel pump modules, part number FG1155-11B1, sold for use in 2005-2010 Honda Odyssey vehicles. The affected fuel pump may send an incorrect fuel reading to the fuel gauge possibly causing the vehicle to run out of fuel. The fuel gauge will always read 3/4 full to full regardless of the actual level.

Recall 14V112 filed March 14, 2014 American Honda Motor Co., Inc. (Honda) is recalling certain 2005-2010 Honda Odyssey vehicles manufactured June 23, 2004, through September 4, 2010. In the affected vehicles, the fuel pump strainer cover may deteriorate allowing fuel to leak out.